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We are a design studio and production team workers hand in hand to meet the needs of your creative projects.
We develop flexible and innovative way, with great creativity and the latest technology.

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Zimplecopa Astronauts

We are a development-oriented content and audiovisual communication tools, providing comprehensive design services, programming and audiovisual production venture. We approach our work with the goal of generating contribute and identify appropriate solutions, the times required, pursuant to the requirements of our customers. We work in a flexible and innovative way, using the latest technologies and new media, working with a vision that combine art and effectively to the success of their projects.

We are a group of professionals from various disciplines with wide particular path. We advocate a productive and successful relationship with our customers, supporting them on the path to growth, providing quality, commitment and personal attention.

We strongly believe that things can be better every day through the concrete work, from the perspective of finding an appropriate solution over other interests, prioritizing efficiency of our service on certain lavish and unnecessary structures that do to professionalism.

Thus, from ZimpleCopa contribute, create or accompany their ideas with hard work and effectiveness in achieving the objectives.


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Multimedia and Electronic Art

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